Dolci & Fantasies was born in November of the year 2014 in Cosenza.
The idea of opening a company dedicated to the sale of raw materials for pastries and pastry shops, was born from the passion of Karina, the daughter of the owner, for everything that concerns the sale of the cake design and everything that surrounds, as the party in general.
The imagination and the choice of first quality materials, make this company a point of reference for those who need to celebrate an anniversary or a special event such as:
  • Marriage;
  • Births;
  • Baptisms;
  • Birthdays;
  • Communions;
  • Confirmations;
  • Graduations and much more.

Among the many products there is a wide choice of wedding favors whether imported or produced in the laboratories of Cakes & Fancies; in addition, there are CLIPARTS of polystyrene, and the best Italian brands with regard to the supply of confetti, such as:

  • Maxtris;
  • Crispo;
  • Tortora;
  • Sulmona;
  • Buratti.

In fact, the company has over 200 flavours of confetti between the ones to the tastes of Maxtris and finish almond precious as the ones mentioned above.
Shortly after the opening, the managers also have evaluated the idea of boosting the business plan, by inserting decorations of Balloons to make even the most beautiful and colorful events of the customers who have chosen the service of the company.
In November 2018, just days from the fourth birthday of Cakes & Fancies, takes concrete form the idea of a web site accessible to the public that has as its purpose to show the work carried out and the vast selection of items present in the shop.
In addition, with the use of the Store it will be possible for all those who are away and unable to personally view what you want to get in their own city for the selected products.

Sweet & Fantasies is to believe in dreams and achieving them, and the entire Staff will help its customers, achieve their with a touch of Sweetness and lots of Imagination!

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